The first trip by plane

The first flight by plane is usually very emotional. Apart from the positive ones, such as excitement, it also raises the negative ones - stress, fears. What is the procedure at the airport? How to prepare for the first flight? What do you need to know before boarding a plane for the first time? Read our guide to find out what it looks like step by step - from check-in to baggage claim.

Luggage - what size? What can i pack?
Depending on which airline you choose and which option you purchase, you can only take hand luggage on board (the one you can take on board), only checked luggage (a large suitcase that you leave at check-in) or both . Before departure, check carefully what luggage you are entitled to and what dimensions it should be. Each of the airlines has different standards in this regard.

Please note that certain restrictions apply when packing. In your hand luggage you can have a maximum of a liter of liquids (shampoo, shower gel) in containers up to 100 ml. You can also carry medicines and medical accessories that you will need when traveling by plane. Also, do not pack explosive and flammable substances as well as things that have sharp edges and may be considered dangerous in your hand luggage, such as razors, scissors, scalpels, cleavers or crochet hooks.

At the airport - check-in and boarding
You must check in before departure. If you have booked a flight with hand luggage, you will probably be able to do it online, while still at home. You will surely receive check-in details from your airline. If you also have checked baggage with you, you can check-in at the airport, where you should arrive approximately 2 hours before departure. After entering, look for a sign on the monitors which stands at which your flight is served and go to it.

Check-in begins here - show the staff your ID document, and after its verification, you will be asked to put the checked baggage on the tape, where it will be weighed and marked (you can usually also hand over your cabin baggage here). The staff will print your boarding pass and affix the same marking on it that it has stuck on the suitcase. Thanks to that it is easier to identify your luggage later

On the plane - what do you need to know?
You're already in front of the plane, now what? Your boarding pass shows the seat number you should be seated on the plane. The designation includes a number - row number and a letter, that is, a placemark.

If you have the option at the ticket booking stage, make sure you sit next to your loved ones. If this "system" allocates you seats when printing your boarding pass, there is a risk that you and your loved ones will be sitting separately. If you have a choice - we suggest: places at the emergency exits give you more leg room, sitting by the window, you can admire the views and a lot of privacy, and the aisle seat gives you freedom when getting up, for example, to the toilet or to stretch your legs.

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