iPhone out of warranty. When to repair, when to replace with a new one - we advise.

Is iPhone your problem after warranty? The fall of your favorite iPhone, and hence, often the front shatter or a piece of the housing break off, is the nightmare of every person who loves his phone. In such cases, it is worth remembering that repairing the phone will turn out to be more profitable than replacing it with a completely new one. Why part with your favorite when it can be saved? When is it worth visiting the post-warranty service? What defects can be easily repaired?

What is covered under the iPhone warranty, and what not?
Mechanical defects and defects of smartphones are something normal, after all, anyone can experience a moment of inattention during busy days or journeys. In the event of a defect in the iPhone, it is worth reading the warranty policy offered by the manufacturer.

Faults covered by Apple's warranty
When buying a phone, it is worth remembering that the iPhone warranty covers only a few specific faults:
Defects caused by material defects,
Defects related to defects in workmanship.

This means that a new iPhone that has fallen to the ground and shows signs of mechanical damage will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

iPhone out of warranty. What does the Apple warranty not cover?
Mechanical defects and material defects are only a significant part of the problems faced by the lion's share of smartphone users. Faults and problems with which you should go to the iPhone repair service include:

dents, cracks and scratches on the casing caused by mechanical damage to the phone,
any defects related to the use of iPhone with non-original accessories,
replacement of a battery that wears out naturally due to normal use.

iPhone repair - what can be repaired in the post-warranty service?
Damage to your beloved phone after the warranty does not mean you have to look for a new one. Post-warranty services offer a wide range of services, even if your iPhone's warranty has long expired. Usually, the service division is divided into Mac service, iPad service and iPhone service. In our case, we are interested in iPhone repairs.

IPhone service - what will you repair?
IPhone post-warranty services offer repairs of almost all iPhone faults that can happen with standard use. Falling from your hand or flooding the screen are the most common problems, and the lists of iPhone repair services in post-warranty services can be really long. Here's what we'll fix on the iPhone service:

motherboard repair,
repair of the energy management module,
speaker repair,
screen repair,
repair of Home, Power, On / Off buttons.

IPhone service - what parts will you replace?
Occasionally, a mechanical failure will require the entire iPhone part to be replaced, not just repaired. Many people confuse the need to replace parts with a death sentence for a beloved phone. The parts that you can easily replace in the post-warranty service include:
glass and display,
proximity sensor,
front and rear cameras.

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